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The metal flexible conduit application

The metal flexible conduit application:

Widely applied in electrical wire protection of various important fields: intelligent buildings, construction decoration industry, shipbuilding, oilfield, chemical plant, railways, power plant, nuclear power station, metallurgy, machinery, fire fighting, mines, airports navigation, national defense etc.
◆Public payphone cable protection
Power switch room wiring protection
Terminal equipment fiber-optic protection
Outdoor distribution line protection
Intelligent buildings integrated wiring protection
Public facilities lighting line protection
Elevator handrails distribution line protection
Shower hose, gas pipe
Electronic monitoring system line protection
Screen display system line protection
Access control system line protection
Remote transmission system line protection
Airport equipment electrical wire protection
High-speed railway electrical wire protection
Rapid transit system electrical wire protection
Steam locomotive power wire protection
Machinery and equipment control system line protection
Precision instruments line protection
Medical equipment power wire protection
Optical device and equipment wiring protection
Ship power supply system protection
Oilfield tunnel power supply system protection
Chemical plant power supply system protection
Power plant power supply system protection

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