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  • Flexible Faucet Sprayer

  • Description : Sub-Title : Flexible Hose Sprayer
Flexible Water Saving Aerator is a convenient & budget saving extender of kitchen faucet. The flexible stainless steel hose provides smooth use experience, having both superior flexibility and stable fixation for every bending to any angle, any position. The water saving aerator is the green & friendly products to our environment. The most important is to Save Your Money!


* Stainless steel hose body offer safe watering                        * Stay put at where you need
* Dead corner free design - 360 degree swivel                         * Dual thread design always adapt to your faucet
* Easy installation No additional tools need                              * Various aerators for option
* Water saving                                                                                  * High durability

Product Specifications
* Hose: SUS 304
* Adapters: Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)                                  * Aerators: ABS with chrome plated
* Commercial Kitchen Faucet
* Domestic Kitchen Faucet                                                            * Applicable for traditional faucet model
* MOQ : 300 Pieces
* Delivery : 2 Weeks/Stock, Negotiable/By order                      * Agents / Distributors are welcome.


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(FA-B1-03)                       (FA-B1-04)                       (FA-B2-01)                         (FA-B2-02)


(FA-C1-01)                       (FA-C1-02)                        (FA-C1-03)                        (FA-C1-04)  


 (FA-C2-01)                       (FA-C2-02)                     Application

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